Common Taxi Scams You Should Always Be Aware Of

For sure, all of us have heard about the scams and pickpockets while travelling. But have you ever wondered if you got scammed by a taxi driver? As a traveler, we think that we’re wise enough to avoid ourselves from getting fooled. However, the truth is that, we oftentimes fall in the traps of unreliable taxi drivers. In addition to that, when you rarely take a taxi, you are more prone to taxi frauds. In this article, you will learn about the most common taxi frauds you should be aware of.


  1. Broken Cab Meter Scam

Taxi drivers are clever enough to break down the meter of their cabs especially near the airport location. Then, they will claim that their meter is broken and they will charge you according to their will. Because of that, it’s better that you consider pre-negotiation in order to avoid such scam and to make sure that the taxi meter is operating properly. In any cases if the taxi driver refuses to turn the taxi meter on, always remember that you always have the option to step out of the car and search for another taxi.

  1. The “Don’t Have Change” Scam

This is a very simple and common scamming technique used by most irresponsible taxi drivers. As most of the time it seems to be inexpensive and in order to avoid the hassle, a lot of passengers tend to tip the taxi driver with their remaining money. In order to avoid this kind of scam that usually happens anywhere, make sure that you bring a lot of change prior to taking a taxi ride or insist that the driver will find a change before you get off the cab.

  1. Long Hauling Scam

In the simplest form, long hauling means the driver takes the scenic route. Most of the time, this can involve taking you in a complicated and long route to confuse you even though you are familiar with the city. Therefore, you should be very careful when you are traveling since there are a lot of taxi drivers waiting to grab the opportunity to snatch your money by using these common fraud ideas. You can avoid the long hauling scam by bringing a map with you while you travel or use a travel app installed in your phone or any device.

  1. Additional Charges Scam

Few of the taxi drivers charge you for an extra fee for the toll fees, additional passengers and extra baggage fees. On the other hand, only a few taxi drivers don’t charge you for something that you are not supposed to pay including the credit card payment fee. Therefore, make sure that you know the detailed transportation rules of the locality first and be prepared for any alternatives in order to avoid being scammed.

  1. Unlicensed Drivers Scam

Most of the time, these types of scam drivers are found in the tourist hotspots or airports claiming to be a licensed taxi driver. They often avoid official parking areas for cabs, so that it’s easy to find them. In addition to that, they look like real taxi drivers since they use the cabs that look like the licensed ones.



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